Bulgari Commedia dell'Arte exclusive limited series of watches to reproduce the Italian drama tradition

Bvlgari Commedia dell'Arte uk replica watches dial with the background of the 16th century Italian palace, the Church of the spring-like three-time function to make the dial on the rolex uk various tasks rejuvenated, lifelike. The characters are designed according to the poetic, enchanting ballet. Bulgari Commedia dell'Arte series launched a total of fake watchesthree watches, respectively, limited production of 8, each one is called a real masterpiece of art. Complex functions and excellent craftsmanship gives the work of fresh life, beyond the traditional watchmaking wisdom, to create a pure poetic mood. Commedia dell'Arte inspired by the Italian drama tradition, each dial is presented vivid drama characters, one of the most famous role image: Brighella, Pulcinella, Pantalone, Columbine and Harlequin have occupied the center of the dial. Church of the spring when the three-way function when the activation, the five characters in the high-end exquisite 16th century Italian palace decoration background to re-life. According to the different scenes, watch about 5 to 7 active components activated, so that the characters to make the appropriate action. Bulgari Commedia dell'Arte series launched a total of three watches, respectively, limited production of 8, each one is called a real masterpiece of art. \ Only a small number of watchmakers can create these scared of Heaven for the watch, and Bulgari is among them. For them, this is the pursuit of excellence, in the perfect design of the double hammer, three hammer and four hammer mechanism, the Bvlgari Commedia dell'Arte series once again for the world show double hammer church spring type three asked the timekeeping mechanism The The unique nature of the spring is that it is longer than the standard spring: the wire is wound twice in the case, not just once, which produces a lower sink sound and enhances the resonance effect of the mechanism. Although the three-time reporting device has been very attractive, but the Commedia dell'Arte series also show a more remarkable watchmaking process, the combination of sound and animation for three different dial on each of the complex scenes into the fresh vitality. The sound spring device sounds in different tones, reporting "hour", "engraved" and "minute", each time the dial on the different characters to produce action. The five main mission roles in the Commedia dell'Arte Brighella, Pulcinella, Harlequin, Pantalone and Columbine are vividly performed on three dials: on these vibrant wonderful stages, they play musical instruments and enjoy singing like a meticulous Designed ballet. \ At the same time, the central figure Brighella, Harlequin or Pulcinella will be his left arm once moved to the other four people in front, began to swing counterclockwise. Foot, arm, chest, head and other parts of the movement so that the scene rich and colorful, vibrant, the use of modern automatic mechanical movement to create the 16th century Italian palace Venice, Naples or Bologna-style background rare super skills show. This masterpiece of the mechanism is undoubtedly extremely complex, and different scenes of the dial is also delicate and delicate. These scenes in 18K gold discs carefully crafted, combined with a variety of watch technology: painted enamel, carving and carving. These three poetic scenes depict the three cities of Venice, Naples and Bologna, and pay tribute to the traditions of the automatic devices that have been annihilated today. Their complexity and the complexity of the movement for the injection of its movement to match the movement for the Bvlgari to pure hand-made BVL618 movement. In addition to automatic devices, the watch also includes the Church of the spring-like three-way function and 6 o'clock position jump function. \ This delicate mechanism is housed in a case made of 18K white gold and Magsonic alloy. Magsonic alloy is a special alloy that optimizes the effect of watch resonance. Timekeeping is at 10 o'clock. Three watch case 6 o'clock position are engraved on the dial on the center of the name: Harlequin, Pulcinella or Brighella. Commedia dell'Arte series of each limited number issued only 8. Each watch box also matches the mask of the corresponding persona: Harlequin, Pulcinella or Brighella. The mask is based on the traditional techniques used in the period of improvisation comedy, made by the Venetian craftsmen using leather. Three number 1 watch gift box will include all three roles of the mask. Each scene of the dial from the impromptu comedy to draw inspiration, itself is a work of art, by the Geneva Ateliers Vaucher studio through a complex process made of. The engraving process is the first artistic step, and this process requires extreme patience. After the scene is magnified five times to simulate, the artist uses 18K gold to start shaping the actual size of the scene. The application of engraving and wrong painting achieves the effect of contour, depth and volume. Each dial has four levels, followed by the central figure, decals side figures, foreground decoration and background decoration. The movement of people shows high precision technology. The movement of the movement of the joints is hidden, for example, through the arms of the lower arm of the characters. The engraver used about 15 different tools to create this complex stage, giving the characters realistic expression. Similarly, the activities of the characters in a clever way fixed on the dial, the bottom is fixed to the legs or fulcrum. The time scale is suspended on the dial and does not touch the dial portion between the 7 o'clock position and the 11 o'clock position. After patience and delicate carving work, micro-painting division began to show their skills. Micro-painting division must have an extraordinary artistic beauty and a comprehensive grasp of the process. Microsystems need to use more than a dozen basic colors and spend three to five weeks to complete the whole scene. In addition to grasp the small part of the scene, micro-painting division in the painting also need to be extremely meticulous - whether it is directly on the gold plate or the character itself painted - micro-division division must deal with the precious metal carved scoring process, And use the color to describe the staggered light, shadow and transparent objects, and for different parts of the choice of complementary colors. In this process, the dial will be placed in the oven for one hour, the temperature is maintained at 80 ° C, repeated 30 to 50 times until finished. Similar to the Commedia dell'Arte such complex dial production requires a wealth of experience. The art masters responsible for the project admitted that in her 35 years of career, never made a detail so many dial.